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We have over 50 5-star reviews on Houzz! Here are just a few:

Jeanne was very responsive and listened to what we wanted. We had the planner from hell and she continued to push even after the structural engineer quit. I appreciated her tenacity and hard work in getting the permit for our project.Read More

Jeanne did the major remodel on our house in Coronado. She was extremely easy to work with, very efficient and attended to our family’s needs like no other architect we had worked with. We are very satisfied with her work and would work again with her on future projects.Read More

This was our first time working with an architect and we couldn't be happier! We worked with Jeanne Liem to design plans for a home addition project. She listened to our needs and budget and worked with us to create a design we love. Jeanne was always prompt with meetings and communication through email and phone. She was clear in guiding us through the design and approval process and was very helpful in responding to all of our questions and concerns. She provided several versions and design choices that would work with our existing structure and style. We were very happy with the process and highly recommend Jeanne Liem's services.Read More

Jeanne was excellent to work with - calm, professional, fast turnaround. She is very sharp, including about building code. She delivered what we asked for, and we would definitely work with her again. People we don’t even know approach us on the street all the time to tell us how good the house looks.Read More

Jeanne was referred to me by my general contractor for my ADU. I was immediately impressed with her proactivity and her attention to detail. I wanted a few specific designs in my ADU project, and Jeanne ensured those details is with the design. Since this is my first time dealing with a significant renovation project such as ADU, Jeanne answered all of my questions and gave me all possible options to make sure I make the best decision. Bottom line, if you want someone professional and will be by your side every step of the process, you will enjoy the help of Jeanne Liem.Read More

Jeanne is thoughtful, knowledgeable, and really listens to what her clients want. We had such a fantastic experience working with her. She helped us get a full set of plans done and approved in record time. And she put up with our litany of questions and requests for modifications. A true professional!Read More

We hired Jeanne for a complete home remodel and had a great experience. We would have no problems recommending her to any friends. Originally, we interviewed quite a few architects for our project (about $500,000 remodel). I used both Yelp and Houzz to find architects and set up interviews with about 5. We ultimately chose Jeanne based on her resume, her portfolio and her price. Her being local was a bonus. Our project involved redesign of the master suite, addition of a bathroom and entry closet, redesign of laundry room, and the largest change which was addition of a rooftop deck. We greatly appreciated her advice on all design decisions we made and her experience gave us confidence and trust in the advice she gave us. She accommodated multiple design decisions, and reworked the deck solution multiple times to factor in permitting issues. Overall I would say she’s easy to work with, prompt with responses, knowledgeable and good at what she does. Have confidence if you decide to hire her for your project. (I would take photos but we moved in recently and we have stuff everywhere lol)Read More

We hired Jeanne to imagine the best way to add two bedrooms and a bathroom to our 3 bedroom 2 bath house, to accommodate our growing family. She really listens and shares insight without being pushy at all. It was a real pleasure working with her. The plans were sent quickly, revised promptly when we had comments and processed as soon as feasible through her permit runner (it still takes a while at the City). She is exceptionally responsive by email and phone and we are thrilled with her work and can hardly wait to see it realized when we finally are done with construction. We are happy to recommend her to anyone!Read More

We had the opportunity to collaborate with Jeanne on a couple of projects and would HIGHLY recommend her services and skills. We interviewed over 10 architects prior to selecting her and we are very happy we did. The final product turned out to be very creative and truly amazing. She brought great ideas to the table that have real meaning. You will not be disappointed.Read More

I was looking for a perfect match for my "Forever Home" project. I experienced prior small and large house renovations and by experience I learned this special partner should translate our dreams and envisioned a successful product without breaking our budget. Jeanne Liem was the one who brought perspective and experience. She listens to our ideals and brings a concise plan. She is prompt and responsive even during the COVID's peak when we were overwhelmed with work and family, she helped us push the permit thru. Her easy personalized access approach brings an open channel that it is vital when so much is at stake. I should add this is not unique to me, I share this contact with my friends and others and I know they are pleased with her work as wellRead More

Jeanne listened to our wishes and worked with our ideas. She effectively drew the plans we needed to get the permit to proceed with our project. She communicates mostly via email, which worked for us. Her services were clearly explained ahead of time in writing. When we made changes, Jeanne was willing to adjust the plans accordingly. The best part was her referring us to Ray Peterson, a superb general contractor.Read More

Jeanne is an absolute gem! 10 out of 10. This is my first construction project so I am pretty clueless about the design process, permitting, etc. Jeanne has patiently and thoroughly guided me through it all. She completed the construction documents in record time and always responded quickly to my emails. She is a great listener and provides invaluable guidance to the design. The quality of her work is outstanding. I highly recommend her and would use her again in the future. She's the best!Read More

Jeanne Liem, what an incredible architect and conceptualist of space. She takes the time to understand your intention, giving feedback and making changes along the way to satisfy the clients needs. What stood out most to me about Jeanne was her prompt response time to answer our questions and delivery of the rough plans, city permits, and final plans. Her detailed plans were complemented by both the general contractor and structural engineer. If we build again, Jeanne will be our preferred architect.Read More

My wife and I wanted to expand our 2/1 720 sq ft Windansea cottage to a 3/2 without adding a second story (essentially taking the whole house to the studs and expanding to max setbacks). The challenge was that our lot is only 3500 sq ft and the setbacks were ambiguous. We chose Jeanne after meeting with more than 10 architects and ‘design build” companies. Many of the design build companies sent representatives that seemed to be salespeople rather than architects or GC’s. Jeanne was the ONLY person who actually took out a notepad and started sketching and taking measurements. She actively listened to all our ideas and I could tell she was processing the information. Everyone else we met with were either trying to sell us on other “in house” services or simply did not seem to be listening to what we wanted. I had two architects tell me to call the city myself to figure out the exact setbacks for my project (I had already made several attempts which ended in various unfavorable answers from the city). Jeanne actually went in person to the city planning department and obtained all the info we needed related to setbacks before we even officially committed to her. I’m a rather “hands on” person when it comes to home projects and had many questions and ideas. Jeanne listened and tried to accommodate all our requests. She was really responsive and often I would have an email answering my questions within an hour. In my experience it’s very rare to have that type of response rate with this type of work. We probably went through 20 designs due to my wife and I being overly ambitious with our plans. Our grand plans did not fit our realistic budget and by the time we realized it Jeanne had completed many versions of what we had told her we wanted. When we changed to the final version to fit our budget she just continued diligently giving us exactly what we asked for and was always very quick to make changes and respond by sending us design PDF’s by email. I can’t be more positive about Jeanne and the work she completed on our project. I’ve found that her incredible work eithic and timely response to all issues is rare in this industry. Additionally, her pricing for all architectural services was very fair. As of July 17th San Diego City Planning approved our plans and our 2/1 720 sq ft cottage will soon be 3/2 and almost 1400 sq ft. Thanks again Jeanne for your patience with us and your great design ideas. Mark and Rae AnneRead More

After working with two other designers who showed us various plans we didn’t like, our contractor recommended we contact Jeanne. In her caring and thoughtful manner, she asked us questions about our lifestyle and the plans we’d rejected. With that information, she formulated a design that we agreed was what we’d wanted all along but the previous designers didn’t deliver. I think the reason has to be that she is a good listener and gives the client what they want and need, rather than what the designer wants to see built. She managed the permit process with the city and has spent countless hours with us selecting countertop material, etc. She is prompt, readily available, courteous and professional. We highly recommend her. Update December 2017: Our kitchen is finished and we are delighted. Jeanne monitored the progress and helped us with fixtures, colors, etc. She was terrific.Read More

Jeanne literally saved our remodel project. We needed an architect to draw up plans and help navigate our project through the permit process. Our home is over 60 years old and we really looked for someone that would appreciate the architecture, history, and preserve the overall feel of the house from the outside. On the inside we wanted to bring modern touches while preserving the historical charm. Jeanne worked tirelessly to turn around our full set of plans in an incredibly fast time. She coordinated with our structural engineers, energy consultants, and our project was approved by the city with no modifications. Lastly, she referred the builder that ultimately won our remodel contract. Her recommendation went a long way!Read More

A few things to know about Jeanne Liem: She listens – the first time I phoned her I was babbling on and on trying to explain what I wanted and she hardly said a thing. But when we met a few days later I discovered she had understood everything I had said. And over time I came to appreciate that she never lost sight of what I was trying to accomplish with my façade remodel. Jeanne’s quick. I vaguely knew that there was something not quite right about my home, but in 18 years and a couple of other architects and designers, no one had diagnosed it. Jeanne took about a millisecond to diagnose the problem and offer a solution. When the scaffold came down last week, I was able to see that she had solved the problem. With a few small changes she had dramatically altered the feeling of the home. Jeanne understands that it’s my home. She doesn’t take it personally when I decide I want to do something differently. She’ll then offer her ideas to improve on my plans. Overall, Jeanne has been a delight to work with! I look forward to working with her again in 2017 on my interior remodel/new kitchen!Read More

We have been working with Jeanne for almost a year now. We are doing an extensive renovation and expansion of our home in La Jolla. Jeanne has been the ultimate professional in all our dealings. She is an exceptional listener and has the ability to execute our desires with foresight and vision to achieve the maximum in results, while keeping a pulse on budget and overall scope of work. We have enjoyed her positive nature and her ability to engage all aspects of required work from the beginning concepts to the execution phase. We would highly recommend Jeanne.David & Eve FineRead More

Creative and practical. Jeanne’s ability to turn a 2,500 sqft vacant lot into a beautiful and functional 1,730 sqft home was very impressive. As the contractor, we were impressed by both her ability to add value to the home while keeping costs down, and how open, friendly, and easy she was to work with. The end product benefits the aesthetic beauty of the area and we hope to see her name on other projects.Read More

I hired Jeanne to do a complete remodel and addition in North Pacific Beach. This required demo to most of my home, steel beam installation to raise the ceiling height and complete redesign. My husband passed away unexpectedly during the permit process and Jeanne helped me get the house completed. Jeanne is easy to work with, answers questions and resolves problems very quickly. She helped me find sub-contractors and specialty contractors and is conscious of pricing. When the inspector had concerns-she took care of it. I will hire Jeanne again for my next project.Read More